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There's a rumor that Grandpa Buried Barrels

Posted by Michael Kaleikini on
There's a rumor that Grandpa Buried Barrels

Sextro Rye, Rye Whiskey, Rye Spirits, Drink Rye.

The Legend of Buried Barrels

There was a hush in the room. Grandpa turned and whispered into his ear, "We buried the barrels on the farm near the creek." 

The children of Lorine Sextro had kept quiet that Grandpa was with his brother one evening and that they got "tipped off" about the feds wanting to bust them at the real head with a load of Rye that was supposed to be heading to St Louis and Chicago. Of course no one would talk about it until on Grandpa's death bed, he admitted that there was something that happened similar to that story. 

Fast forward to today

Heat Schneider has since taken over the reigns to Sextro Rye and those barrels are still at large. He's hired dog teams and collaborating with the Iowa Historical Society in researching the areas on the farm that seem to be the most viable locations to go digging. 

This is a bit if a needle in the haystack kind of hunt as Grandpa wasn't exact on the location, just the general area.The dog teams have been hitting spots and the historical society have been finding signs of potential locations for the buried barrels. 

Finding Rye

So what does it mean if we find it? These barrels have Rye Spirits from the days of prohibition! This means 100 year old Rye! What's more though, is if we find this rye, we can synthesize the very yeast that Grandma used to make rye back in the 30's. Imagine, we would have a recipe that is 100% accurate to what Grandma Lorine Sextro used and made. The prestige of being able to say that we do it EXACTLY like grandma would be awesome.

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