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Aged Rye Liquors

The one-stop destination for the best aged rye liquors is here!

If you are in search of quality aged rye liquor, your search ends here! We at Sextro are bringing to you the taste of authentic Prohibition era aged rye liquor. Inspired by the life and recipes of Lorine Sextro, the prohibition era handcrafter of rye liquors from Iowa, we have taken on the onus of continuing her remarkable journey. Our liquors, ranging from whisky to vodka, are prepared by carefully following Grandma Sextro's recipes. We specialize in small batch whiskey and vodka – the trick to our authentic taste lies in distilling these in 'small batches,' just like Sextro mentions in her 1931 recipe. After distillation in custom-made stills, our small batch whiskey, generally of 26-gallon capacity, then undergoes an aging process in charred oak barrels. These small batch aged rye are then bottled and labeled by hand, ready to be enjoyed!

We at Sextro are revolutionizing the liquor game with our small batch whisky. These small batch aged rye liquor retain the historically authentic taste of Sextro's 1931 recipe. We take great care and skill in crafting each bottle of aged rye liquor until they are perfect and are ready to provide you with an unforgettable experience! You can taste the premium quality rye used in each of our aged rye liquor ranges from whisky to vodka by their smooth finish! Our products include the exceptional black label rye whisky, the tremendous private reserve red label rye, the tantalizing blue label vodka, and many more. We have already become a national favorite, with our small batch aged rye liquors winning prestigious accolades, but we aspire to become a common household name and a party must-have! Come, be a part of this experience as we take our beloved Grandma Sextro's incredible recipes to the heights that they rightfully deserve.

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