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Aged Rye Spirits

Sextro - the only option for the best rye spirits from the Prohibition era!

Have you ever wondered how people coped without alcohol in the Prohibition era? Well, the answer is, they didn't! Allow us to introduce you to the world of Prohibition era Rye spirits with the story of our grandma Lorine Sextro. Bold and fearless, Sextro took it upon herself to relieve her family's financial strain during the Depression era by utilizing her baking skills to craft one of the best rye spirits from the locally produced rye in her residence Iowa. Years later, we at Sextro, a company run by her family and relatives, have dedicated ourselves to carrying forward her vision and taking her recipes to the level of national acclaim they deserve! Join us as we uncover the world of Prohibition era rye spirits and bring them to the American public!

Our venture has already acquired national fame as our most popular aged rye spirits continue to win several accolades from customers and well-reputed organizations. The secret of our popularity lies in closely following Sextro's original recipe, giving you the original and authentic taste of Prohibition era rye spirits. Our collection of spirits is comprehensive, ranging from white label to black label. We take pride in our reputed aged rye spirits, which, after undergoing the distillation process in our custom-made stills, are further aged and matured in charred American white oak barrels! It incorporates a distinct flavor and smoothness that you may generally get in a spirit matured for much longer. Be it our tantalizing aged rye spirits like black label rye spirit, our Red Preserve Red Label rye, or our classic unaged White Label rye spirit. We are all set to become prominent as the most trusted source of Prohibition era rye spirits or the best rye spirits in general in the US. We welcome you all to be a part of this phenomenon!

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