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Aged Rye Vodka

Do you think you know Rye Vodka? Well, think again!

Are you a vodka lover? Do you pride yourself as a Vodka connoisseur? You are missing out if you haven't yet tried Sextro Rye Vodka! Inspired by the Prohibition era recipe of Lorine Sextro, our Rye Vodka might very well be the best aged rye vodka you have ever tasted! Sextro Rye Vodka has even appealed to people outside the niche of vodka lovers with many accolades to its name. Prepared only with locally sourced and best quality rye, our acclaimed aged rye vodka will offer you a soft mild rye taste along with a slight spice. With its aroma of delicate sweetness and mild rye grain, a smooth finish, and fantastic flavor, Sextro rye vodka will leave you amazed.

Let us walk you through the process of making this precious product. The preparation of Sextro aged rye vodka follows closely the authentic recipes for rye spirits crafted by Sextro. This premium rye vodka is prepared only in small batches, remaining true o the Prohibition era methods. The product is first distilled in a modified vodka flute on our very own custom-prepared stills. The rye vodka is distilled twice, and then the material is charcoal filtered to get that pure smooth vodka which is then hand-bottled and hand-labeled, ready to be packaged and sent to your home! Prepared with great care and affection, our rye vodka is the finest you will ever come across. Enjoy it neat, straight, or on the rocks. We promise you a rewarding experience! Our aged rye vodka can also be the perfect liquor for your favorite cocktails. We offer your taste buds a captivating experience as we urge you to grab a bottle of this versatile liquor! Be a part of our journey as we embark on our way to make the handcrafted Sextro aged rye vodka a national phenomenon!

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