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Black Label Rye

Taste The Phenomenon of Sextro Black Label Rye!

Sextro Black Label Rye is rye whiskey like you have never tasted before. Our Black Label rye carries the legacy and history of Lorine Sextro's venture in handcrafting Rye in Prohibition era Iowa. We pay homage to the bold Sextro by crafting Rye whiskey in the original Prohibition era method. Just as you would find in Sextro's little venture in 1931 Iowa, our Black Label Rye is first distilled in small batches, in custom-built stills with a capacity of no more than 26 gallons. After that, we leave our sweet rye to age for about 18 months in 15-gallon barrels. The result? Our most acceptable Black Label Rye, an authentic Prohibition era Rye whiskey!

So grab a bottle of Sextro Black Label Rye at your earliest if you want the authentic taste of Prohibition era rye whiskey. We are bringing to you a 90-year-old recipe that has so far remained locked away from the American public. Take a sip of our precious Black Label Rye and uncover the legendary taste of our beloved bootlegging Grandma Lorine Sextro's best-kept secret. Join us in our journey as Sextro rye, for the first time in 90 years, leaps the borders of Iowa and becomes a household favorite across America!

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