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Step back to the roaring 1920s with our authentic prohibition-era rye whiskey. Crafted using traditional methods passed down through generations, our whiskey captures the era's spirit of rebellion and adventure. With its smooth, spicy flavor and hints of oak and caramel, this rye whiskey will surely transport you to a time when indulging in a good drink was an act of defiance. Perfect for those who appreciate history, craftsmanship, and a good story with every sip.

Unique to Us

Lineage Traced
A piece of American history. Rumors have Al Capone’s favorite recipe for liquor being a 100% Rye Whiskey from Templeton, IA, known as “The Good Stuff”. Our 100% rye recipe is the last known 100% rye whiskey recipe used by bootleggers out of Templeton, IA. Learn more
Grandma’s Still
In collaboration with Grandma Lorine, Whiskey Rich designed our proprietary still that creates 3 gallons of our sweet juice at a time. We commonly refer to our stills as surgical stills that remove impurities but leave the goods.
Our Recipe
We use only certified organic ingredients in our Rye, which consists of four essential ingredients (Yeast, Rye, Sugar, and Water), just like Grandma did. The organic cereal rye is grown on an Iowa Century Farm (it has been in the family for over 100 years). The yeast is an organic baker’s yeast because Grandma had access to it and would not alert law enforcement. The cane sugar is 100% organic and made in America. We are small-town farms that support mom-and-pop businesses.
Making the Juice
We use 55-gallon fermentation tanks that take 21 to 28 days for before distillation in our proprietary stills. The Rye is aged in 15-gallon American White Oak barrels, with a level 5 char, sourced from Minnesota. The barrels are stored in Iowa and exposed to all seasons to aid in the aging process. We kept all aspects of the process as close to Grandma Lorine’s instructions.
No Chemicals
We keep the recipe true to how Grandma made it during prohibition. We use no malting, alpha amylase, beta amylase, or other harmful chemicals.
Buy the Juice by the Barrel
We already have many barrel picks in 5-star restaurants, bars, and liquor stores throughout the US. Our Barrel Program is only a 60-bottle (cask strength) commitment with a customizable, cobranded label. We consider the Barrel Program a partnership to help pay homage to Grandma Lorine. To learn more about becoming part of the family.

Let us take you back to prohibition

Sextro Rye Spirits. We use the recipe that one of Templeton, Iowa's original bootleggers, Lorine Sextro, used when her family farm was home to a closely guarded secret distilling operation.

We create a sweet mash wort on site, using only the finest quality 100% organic rye grain. Grown especially for us by a local Iowa farmer, Brian Irlbeck. Each run is created in small batches and handcrafted just like grandma used to make it.

Making up the team are co-founders Heath Schneider and Rich Eggers. While Heath, as a successful businessman, markets, finances and promotes Sextro Rye, Rich is the master craftsman behind the operation. Together they carry on the Sextro family tradition, producing small batch, one-of-a-kind rye spirits.

Born on a small farm in Iowa during the Prohibition era of the early 1930s, this White Rye's award winning recipe was originally crated by grandmother and clandestine bootlegger, Lorine Sextro.

  • AROMAMixture of spice, grain, & hints of floral sweetness
  • TASTESlight spice surrounded by flavors of caramel, coconut & vanilla
  • FINISHLong, Mild heat
  • COLORCrystal Clear
  • SIZE750 ML
  • PROOF Unaged 80 (40% ALC)
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Our Red Label is distilled using a 100% rye grain Prohibition-ear bootlegger’s recipe. It is aged in a used oak barrel (previously used by the Black Label Rye) for at least 18 months. It has won more awards than we can name.

  • AROMASweet with notes of fruit
  • TASTEFruit-heavy with hints of vanilla & caramel
  • FINISHLingering earthy tones with notes of root vegetables
  • COLORRich Caramel
  • SIZE750 ML
  • PROOF Aged in used Oak Barrel 80 Proof
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Small Batch Rye Spirits are made the same way Grandma Lorine Sextro used to make it. If you were to take a time machine back to sip Al Capone’s “The Good Stuff” whiskey, you would say, “I have had this, its Black Label Sextro Rye.”

  • AROMASoft wood & sweet citrus with a hint of nuttiness
  • TASTECaramel, vanilla & honey with a pinch of spice
  • FINISHEarthy with a hint of raisin undertones
  • COLORRich Caramel
  • SIZE750 ML
  • PROOFAged in New Oak Barrel 80 (40% ABV)
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Gold Label is a hand-picked tri-barrel blend. By combining new barrel, experienced barrel, and double distilled double barreled we find blended high proof perfection. Each 3 gallon batch is curated from the best of each creating a one-of-a-kind flavor with all the best aspects of each barrel on full display. Bottled at 100+ Proof, there’s just enough fire to satisfy the most discerning palate.

  • AromaSoft wood & sweetness
  • TasteSmooth, sweet, spicy, and smoky
  • FinishBold finish that tantalizes the palate
  • ColorRich Caramel
  • SIZE750 ML
  • PROOF51.5% ALC/VOL (103 Proof)
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Grandma Lorine found that running Black Label rye through the stills again and then back in barrels for another 18 months would create the “King of High Proof”. Purple Label is a double-distilled 100% rye grain that is aged twice as long as the Black Label. The added infusion with the American White Oak char results in a full-flavor and smooth-tasting rye that will win over your heart as it did ours.

  • AROMALight sweetness with a trace of grain
  • TASTECaramel, Maple, with a pinch of smoke
  • FINISHExtremely long & complex fading to spice and wood tones
  • COLORDeep Caramel
  • SIZE750 ML
  • PROOFDouble Distilled 80 Proof
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