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Rye Distillery

How we make our rye spirits – a virtual picture of our Rye Distillery

Sextro Rye is dedicated to carrying forward the vision of the fierce bootlegger Lorine Sextro by bringing to your homes unique bottles of rye whiskey crafted with care following Sextro's recipe from 1931, famously known as the Prohibition era. In our Rye Distillery, we take extreme care to follow the exact crafting method of Sextro to produce the most historically accurate Prohibition era whiskey you will ever taste! Like Sextro's, in our Rye distillery, the spirits first undergo distillation in small batches within 26-gallon custom-made stills. After distillation is complete, the product is aged and matured in separate small barrels for several months, incorporating in them an essence of maturity generally found in spirits aged for years!

We are your most trusted source of Prohibition era Rye Whiskey! Our rye is also locally sourced – we use only the produce from Carroll and Crawford counties in Iowa. Visit our Rye Distillery and be greeted with a warm scent of butter bread characteristic of Lorine Sextro's original recipe! Sextro Rye whiskey is here with an authentic, historically accurate version of the spirit popularized in Prohibition-era Iowa. If you have ever been curious about Prohibition era liquor, your curiosity ends here! Handcrafted with care and passion in our Rye Distillery, staying true to the original recipe, and even hand-labeled, we bring to your homes an experience you won't forget!

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