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White Label Rye

White Label Rye from Sextro – You will never regret this experience!

Sextro's White Label Rye offers you the experience of an authentic 1931 recipe crafted by the bold bootlegger Lorine Sextro during what is known as the Prohibition era in American history. In carrying forward this fierce woman's legacy, we take great care in replicating the recipe as authentically as possible. Our White Label Rye is an unaged rye spirit directly bottled after distillation. The distillation process closely follows Sextro's original method – the shades are distilled in small batches of custom-made stills not surpassing a capacity of 26 gallons-which ensures that they replicate the exact taste of the spirits crafted; in 1931! Our smooth tasting, double-distilled clear White Label Rye is an experience you need!

Sextro White Label Rye is the perfect addition to your favorite cocktail drinks. With hints of flavors such as vanilla caramel and coconut and an overall slight spicy taste, it will take any cocktail to the next level. Add Sextro White Label Rye to your list of must-have liquors at a party and make a name as a rye connoisseur among your family and friends! We invite you to accompany us in our journey as we continue to spread our fierce bootlegging grandma's unbelievably delicious handcrafted rye spirits across the nation!

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